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The History of Chr Boe & Søn AS
Our old firm Chr.Th.Boe & Sön A/S was founded on the 1st of January 1836, by Consul Peter Lorentz Jessen Lund (1810 – 1892), who is said to have been the first shipbroker in Norway.

Very young of age P.L. Lund went to the well-known shipchandlerfirm N.P. Kirch in Elsinor, and few years later he arrived in Sundsvall where he got in contact with some exporters of timber. After returning to Arendal he started his charteringbuiness with local ships, which he fixed with timber from the Baltic to UK/cont. and the Mediteranean and also to many other places in other Continents.

During the first years he worked with shippers directly but later on via brokers like Carl W. Bomann in Stockholm.
He extended his activities and had close connections with Messrs. C. & C.I.Nortcote,Messrs. H.Clarkson & Co., Messrs. Galbraith Pembroke & Co., Messrs Hoskin, Mears & Co. and others in London.Also Messrs. Wm. Southern & Son and Messrs. Gjemre & Co. in Newcastle-on-Tyne.Further with Messrs. F.W. Dahlström and Daniel Milberg in Hamburg.

Amoung overseas connections can be mentioned Messrs. C. Tobias & Co., Messrs. Funch Edye & Co. and Messrs. Benham & Boyesen all in New York.In the southern States we cooperated with brokers in Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington and Galveston.

P.L.Lund was also a shipowner and in 1878 he transferred all his 37 ships and his shipbrokerfirm to his sons in law Chr.Th.Boe (1838-1927) and Axel N. Herlofson (1845-1910).

At its peak the office had the management of 117 ships for other owners

  • a tonnage of 56.905 tons.


Christian Th. Boe (1838 – 1927) Peter Lund Boe (1867 – 1918) Olaf Christian Boe (1898 – 1984)

We also fixed some strange cargoes e.g. the brig “Helene” of Staubo 276 r.t. from Hernösand to Zanzibar with timber. After the fixture was done we were asked by Messrs. F.W.Dahlström in Hamburg with whom we fixed the cargo whether the ship could call at Hamburg and complete with a small cargo of generals. The Owner agreed. When the ship arrived at Zanzibar and the small general parcel was packed out, it proved to be a “Merry go round” sent as a gift to the Sultan of Zanzibar for use and enjoyment of his many concubines.

As a curiosity we can mention that in 1960 we fixed M/S “Aska” belonging to Jens Marcussen, Askeröy, with timber from Wifstad Varf in Sundsvall to Great Yarmouth.From our old protocols it is established that we 100 years earlier fixed a sailing vessel belonging to Jens Marcussen, Askeröy, with timber from Wifstad Varf to north France.Viz. the same broker fixed with the same Owner and same shipper from the same loadingplace, the same kind of cargo, and it was 100 years between these transactions.

At the beginning of the first world war Arnt J. Mörland (1888-1957) was head clerk with Chr.Th.Boe & Sön A/S, and Capt. John Wilson (1876-1940) was Master of the S/S “Ternö”.In 1915 both left the company to establish their own firm, and they both became well known shipowners.

After Chr.Th.Boe passed away in 1927, Peter Lund Boe’s youngest son Olaf Christian Boe (1898-1984) Tuppie B. Knudtzon (1898-1975) took over the firm.Together with his cousin, shipbroker and shipowner Ole Schröder (1891-1953) in Oslo, he ordered a tanker of 9.525 tons dw. from Götaverken, Gothenburg which was delivered in 1930, and got the name of “Chr.Th.Boe”.

In the beginning of the sixties Olaf Boe retired as shipowner and sold his interests,And it was a sound and well founded company he left.

In 1974 Olaf Boe transferred Chr.Th.Boe & Sön A/S to shipbroker Jacob Darre Knudsen who had worked in the company since 1955, and whose wife Ba, b. Kallevig, is one of his close relatives.

For more than 70 years we have been the Arendal representative for Lloyds of London,and Assuranceforeningen Skuld of Oslo.

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