Trust is the reward for always keeping your promises


Over many years we have developed excellent business relations covering the fleet of conventional MPP ocean carriers, heavy-lift carriers and overseas lines.

Our experienced staff, supported by our extensive worldwide network, will provide you with a transport solution designed to meet your needs.




As an independent broker in a competitive deep sea market, it is important for us to:

  • Provide individual solutions to each of our client’s needs.
  • Have market knowledge at all times, and to provide our clients with guidance about market expectations and price quotes.
  • Cover the available fleet of vessels in order to find the most suitable vessel for the transport.
  • Make sure that the contract for the shipment is in line with the seller or the buyer’s contractual terms of delivery for the cargo.
  • Have the knowledge required to protect our client’s terms and conditions under any contract of affreightment as brokers.
  • Keep close technical cooperation of the cargo handling operation, stowage and securing with vessel owners, supercargo, MWS and charterers representative.