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Due to the increased demand for transport of oversized, heavy-lift project cargoes in the short sea market, BOE has become specialised over the years
in the transportation of project cargoes in the short sea shipping segment. This knowledge has been developed in step with the growth of the shipping, oil, gas and energy market, and in line with our clients’ needs and expectations. In most shipments, each vessel has to be evaluated closely in order to check and ensure that it is suitable for the cargo requirement.


As an independent broker in a competitive short sea market, it is important for us to:

  • Cover the complete short sea fleet in order to find the most suitable vessel in the best position and with the correct vessel descriptions for the transport assignment.
  • Offer individual solutions to each of our client’s needs, on terms agreed between the seller and buyer. Our services can start by providing a transport perspective already at the product design/development stage, thereby ensuring safe sea transport later on.
  • Have experience of shipping a wide range of project cargoes on various vessels in the market, enabling us to know exactly which vessels will suit your cargo requirements.
  • Receive sufficient information about the product that is being shipped in order to make calculations and implement procedures to handle the cargo according to the charterer’s expectations and guidelines. 



Our home turf

To fix a vessel is one thing, our job is to fix the most convenient vessel. We will find the right vessel for your requirements all along the European coastline, up to and including the Black Sea. We would like to convince you to look into all options and then make a decision